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Vantage Controls

Vantage Dimmer Station
Vantage 2 button keypad
Vantage 4 button keypad engraved
Vantage Dimmer Station engraved
Vantage 3 button keypad engraved
Vantage 5 button keypad engraved

EasyTouch II


• Elegant simplicity with tapered styling
• Clean lines and matte texture adds
beauty & versatility to any space
• Mix or match color finishes for trims, buttons, and faceplates
• Push button style operation
• Easily locate and read buttons with backlit engraving
• Available in 1-5 button configurations

The Backlighting colors can be set to your preference and changed at anytime through programming.

• Each configuration can also serve as a dimmer giving the client the ability to have  a keypad in any switch location.

• The button configuration can be changed without purchasing a new keypad by changing the button set.

 • Dimmer and Keypad have the same appearance providing the most consistent look when combined in the same box.  

EasyTouch II Glass

EasyTouch II with Glass finish


•Sleek, timeless high-shine design
•Architectural buttons with a reflective, smooth surface
•Faceplates beautifully replicate glass,
but with a shatterproof finish

Vantage 4RPTouch-Black

RP Touch

•Classic rectangular buttons with beveled edges
•Simple form complements any space or décor
•Mix or match color finishes for trims,
buttons, and faceplates
•Push button style operation
•Easily locate and read buttons
with RGB backlit engraving
•Available in 2, 4, 6 & 8 button configurations.

•Wired keypad only

Vantage Adorne keypad


•European, square styling for a modern look
•Backlighting automatically adjusts based on time of day
•Tap style operation
•Available in 1, 3 & 6 button configurations
•Capacitive touch surface similar to a smart phone or tablet
•Faceplates available in a palette of exquisite metals,
genuine materials or fashionable plastics
•Keypad and Buttons available in White, Magnesium and Graphite

Vantage Equinox 41 touch screen

  • 4.3” LCD panel with projected capacitive touch interface

  • Titanium TrimLine II frame, black glass-to-edge surface aesthetic

  • Unique Equinox widget user interface

  • Ambient light sensor for auto day/night backlighting

  • Motion sensor screen ON and initiate a task

  • One visible widget with full screen and edit modes

  • 90% daily control through the dashboard layer

  • UI consistency with smartphones (Android and iOS) and Equinox 73

  • Active IR sensors for approach On and Auto sleep modes

  • Uses standard US and European single-gang wall box mechanics

  • Dynamically updated

  • Cat5e connectivity with PoE

Vantage Equinox 73 touch screen

Equinox 73 is a high bright LCD touchscreen that is always on and always available. The touchscreen provides immediate control and status for three sub-systems via three vibrant widgets at a time. It offers a simple, smart tablet type navigation experience

  • 7” LCD touchscreen

  • Titanium TrimLine II frame; black glass-to- edge surface aesthetic

  • Unique widget based graphical user interface

  • Aesthetically identical to other Equinox products

  • Ambient light sensor for auto day/night backlighting

  • Each Equinox device includes one software license for the Equinox app

  • Motion sensor screen on and initiate task

  • Three visible widgets with full screen and edit modes

  • 90% daily control, customize through additional screen levels

  • Gesture, flick, tap, and swipe

  • Aesthetic and user interface consistency with Equinox 41 and tablet apps (Android and iOS)

About Vantage

Established in 1986 and adopted into the Legrand family in 2006, Vantage has continued to transform light and develop high-quality lighting control solutions for the luxury residential market.

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